Eco-friendly, Table Centre Textures Are In!

What’s the latest trend sweeping through the bridal industry? In a word…texture!

Yep. Twine around bouquet stems instead of satin, hessian table runners replacing mirror bases and even jars and bottles filled with flowers and used as centrepieces are just some of the latest innovations capturing the attention of brides in 2013. The jar and bottle idea is pretty creative actually because brides are using them specifically as little keep-safes for guests at the end of the evening!

It seems as though the whole eco-friendly, recycled look is in, especially in event decorations where the hessian and hanging bottle theme is very popular at the moment. I’m even starting to receive more requests for tree like arrangements for table centres where I incorporate twigs and hand wired orchids in tall tapered glass so it’s high enough to be above the visual level.

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