Buttonhole Bedlam! – Brides Read This!

Funny story. The groom turned up at the venue with his groomsmen to have one of their location shots for one of their getting ready photos. We had already delivered their buttonholes earlier that day but we happened to be at the venue at the same time as we were setting up the table centres.

So when they turned up, they had their photos taken and as they went to get in the limo, they did the right thing and all took their buttonholes off to put them back into the fridge to keep them fresh. But they were so nervous when taking them off, one groomsman accidentally dropped one on the road (in his haste to get a beer!) and they started to drive off before rescuing the crushed, wilting buttonhole left baking in the afternoon sun!

Luckily I had my car kit with me that’s got all my tapes, wires and magnets and I quickly remade the buttonhole and disaster was averted…just! Because I tell you, if you had seen the original button hole…there was absolutely no way of rescuing that crumpled mess!

Here’s a little tip with buttonholes: It’s always a good idea for brides to order two buttonholes for the Groom. What happens is throughout the day, grooms are always hugging and kissing everyone and the groom’s buttonhole tend to become a little disheveled and squashed as a result. By keeping an extra at the reception, once the ceremony and location shots are over, the groom then can replace the old buttonhole with a fresh one and will look great for the rest of the evening.

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