Avoid DIY Wedding Flower Disasters!

Every now and then I’ll come across a bride who asks us to organise the buttonholes and flowers for the bridal party only because they’ve got a friend or relative taking care of the table centres. Now I understand brides wanting to keep costs down as much possible but unfortunately organising bridal flowers is just not that simple.

Wedding flowers must match the bride’s, bridesmaid’s dresses as well as what the groom and groomsmen wear. They also have to match the ceremony and reception setting; in other words, the entire theme of the wedding. I’ve arrived at weddings that were not professionally set up only to see the wrong colour table centres that don’t match and it’s something that everyone notices unfortunately.

The other thing is, when dealing with flowers, timing is critical. It’s not about organising them to be set up on the same day, it’s about organising them to be set up at a very specific hour! What happens a lot in these DIY sort of situations is that the friend or relative in charge will set up the table centres in the morning instead of the afternoon because that is when they are attending the wedding. By the time the guests and bridal party arrive for the reception, the flowers have begun to drastically wilt. I’ve had to rip flowers out of table centres before the wedding couple arrive because they would otherwise freak if they saw dead, drooping flowers on every table.

This is unfortunately what happens to people when they don’t deal with flowers on a daily basis. If you happen to want to still go down the DIY path, then at least have your florist supply the flowers for you, that way she can have time to professionally nurture them to open to the exact time, then you can still set them up.


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