A Beautiful Autumn Wedding Bouquet

In my last blog A Succulent Summer Trend I mentioned that Succulents had been the trend for many summer brides but now we’re moving into autumn and winter let’s look at some of the emerging floral trends for the coming colder months.

As always, Tulips are the perennial winter flower of choice mainly as they’re quite sensitive to heat and tend to open quickly in the summer months whereas in winter they tend not to open as fast making them easier to work with.

Now one thing that has struck me, is that brides tend to be very conscious of the seasons these days when it comes to choosing their wedding flower themes. In the summer, brides choose a lot of pinks, yellows and whites but if you look at what they’re choosing now, you’ll see the deeper, richer colours emerging. Berries and dark maroon calla lilies are very popular at the moment and as the surroundings become lush and green, colour choices such as these compliment each other beautifully.

Textures are also becoming more prevalent. For example, brides are choosing 2 combinations of foliage with berries and at least 3 diff varieties of flowers, most common being roses and freesias but also alstroneria if girls are on budget. They comes in lots of colours, oranges, pinks, yellow, reds, pales, peaches and are a great filler flower that can be incorporated into most weddings designs.

Check out the video below for some examples.

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