Bouquet of the week

Over the years, I’ve created lots of beautiful bouquets but there are some styles that I’m always asked about! So I thought it might be helpful to brides to talk about some of my most popular bouquets and this is one of them! I think one of the reasons it’s so popular is because the colour of the roses are so eye catching.

The colour is called “Champagne” and it can be described a few ways; sometimes as a very pale pink or a pale, peachy cream colour. It’s a really soft colour too, so it’s great for brides that want a hint of colour but do not want to be over taken by stronger coloured flowers. In between the roses are white freesias which smell so fresh and beautiful. For this bouquet, we haven’t used any foliage at all but what’s a little different is that the we used artificial doda vine to wrap over the brides maid’s bouquets to add a more rustic feel to the bouquets.

Using artificial doda vine meant that I was able to easily move the vine across the top of the flowers to ensure that it was evenly spaced. We also chose artificial as we didn’t want the doda vine to catch on the brides maid’s dresses as they were wearing a light chiffon material. Food for thought when choosing your flowers 🙂

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